martedì 15 maggio 2012

Grandmother Garden

Inizio di un nuovo lavoro,
Grandmother Garden, un quilt che mi richiederà tempo! utilizzerò le vecchie camice del mio marito per fare i fiori, e rimanenze di stoffa.
Je me lance dans un nouveau quilt qui me permettra de réutiliser les vieilles chemises de mon mari et de vieux bouts de tissus, j'ai tout mon temps pour le faire!

Barbara Barckman reports that the Grandmother's Flower Garden was the most popolar pattern after 1925. She tell us, "... many women never made another quilt finished a Grandmother's Flower Garde,." ( Clues in the Calico by Barbara Barckman)
Ther writer quoted above gives the names Grandmother's Flower Garden and French Bouquet for this patter. She goes on to say that "modern" quilters loved the endless color combinations and ways the blocks could be set together with this pattern. She relates "Another matter of pride is the number of small hexagons in the finished quilt, often many thousands." Although many Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt do not contain many thousands of hexagons they still represent a great deal of labor. This lovely mosaic quilt may have been truest to the Colonial Revival's ideal of reproducing early American quilts, for the mosaic quilt was ineed made as early as the end of the 1700s. Early names for this quilt were honeycom and mosaic.

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